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01.03.2004 100,000 visitors after 445 days!!!
28.02.2004 Signal delay as supplementary calculation in the 'AZ/EL Calculator'.
100 additional cities worldwide now in the 'AZ/EL Calculator'!
'Antenna Efficiency Calculator' has been improved and also extended to calculate the offset angle of a satellite dish.
27.02.2004 From now on more fresh satellite news from 'Transponder NEWS Forum' (RSS Feed)!
21.02.2004 New interconnections of multi switches under 'Configurations' and also some improvements.
20.02.2004 New calculator: antenna half-power beam width
18.02.2004 New FAQ area for receivers
30.01.2004 Next three satellite launches now shown on the main page (home).
24.01.2004 New technology theme with all kind of LNB types
18.01.2004 New technology theme with several interconnections of LNBs, DiSEqC switches and multi switches under 'Configurations'!
15.01.2004 New banner in the upper part of the website! Old banner will only be used in 'Disclaimer'.
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