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11.09.2004 1 new configuration for 8 participants with 2 LNB (3rd option).
09.09.2004 The main navigation has been increased in size by 30 pixels and the content area by 40 pixels. Additionally, tiny modifications of the upper banner have been done.
08.09.2004 Menu entries in 'Sitemap' are now a bit larger.
02.09.2004 From now on, the news will be shown by page with a maximum of 10 hits per page.
01.09.2004 From today on SatLex is also available in Romanian! ro
31.08.2004 Fairs and sat shows have been discontinued!
27.08.2004 7 new pictures of a 120 cm Kathrein PFA and 12 pictures from Switzerland in the 'Sat-Community'!
25.08.2004 The satellite launches changed just a bit.
15.08.2004 Language switch mechanism has been changed. The introduction of further languages is being prepared!
I am looking for translators to help me implement the italian and spanish version!
12.08.2004 Second speed optimization completed! The code has been modulated again, offering the possibility to do further extensions much easier than before.
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