EIRP Values for Ku band
EIRP - Abbreviation for Effective-Isotropic-Radiated-Power
Effective Isotropic Radiated Power is the apparent power transmitted towards the receiver, if it is assumed that the signal is radiated equally in all directions, such as a spherical wave emanating from a point source; in other words, the arithmetic product of the power supplied to an antenna and its gain.
EIRP = G * P = 10(g/10) * P [W]
G: Antenna gain coefficient
g: Antenna gain [dBi]
P: Power [W]
Following table contains values for the Ku band. The values shown in the table assume having an Universal LNB with noise figure of 0.7 dB:
EIRP Field IntensityAntenna diameter
64 dBW22 cm
63 dBW24 cm
62 dBW26 cm
61 dBW28 cm
60 dBW30 cm
59 dBW32 cm
58 dBW34 cm
57 dBW36 cm
56 dBW38 cm
55 dBW40 cm
54 dBW45 cm
53 dBW50 cm
52 dBW50 cm
51 dBW55 cm
50 dBW60 cm
49 dBW60 cm
48 dBW60 cm
EIRP Field IntensityAntenna diameter
47 dBW75 cm
46 dBW80 cm
45 dBW90 cm
44 dBW90 cm
43 dBW100 cm
42 dBW110 cm
41 dBW120 cm
40 dBW120 cm
39 dBW135 cm
38 dBW150 cm
37 dBW180 cm
36 dBW240 cm
35 dBW300 cm
34 dBW355 cm
33 dBW400 cm
32 dBW450 cm
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